Things to Do in an Office on the First Day of Spring

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When spring has sprung, depending on where you live, the first day of this season can mark the hopeful end of a brutal winter. It's a time of new beginnings, warmer days and trees and flowers in bloom. If you're stuck in an office on the first day of spring -- particularly if it's a beautiful one -- you might feel like you're missing out. The solution is to find ways to celebrate this day in your office.


Add Decorations

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Perhaps the easiest way to celebrate the first day of spring is to decorate. Bring spring inside by adding color to your office. If you work in a drab, gray cubicle, add a few new, vibrant pictures to brighten the walls. Then add a few knickknacks on your desk, such as a pastel pencil holder, to liven up the decor. Add a festive candy dish with multicolored candies both as a decoration and as a treat for winter-weary co-workers.

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Bring Flowers

Nothing says spring more than bouquets of fresh flowers. Out of consideration for your co-workers, you'll want to select flowers that don't release strong scents. For instance, gardenias are lovely flowers, but you'll need to make certain that no one is sensitive to the scent. Daffodils and tulips are always spring favorites. Zinnias are another pretty way to bring spring inside. Or, you can just stop at your neighborhood florist and ask for a spring bouquet.


Hold a Celebration

Having an office party can be fun. You can have a first day of spring potluck lunch where everyone brings a favorite dish. If you don't have time for a luncheon, skip straight to dessert. Have everyone bring in a special spring treat. You can make cupcakes frosted with pastel icing or cookies sprinkled with pastel-colored sugar. If you don't have time to bake, your local grocery-store bakery will have some brightly decorated goodies. Pair your baked treats with pink or yellow lemonade.


Clean Up

Although it might not sound like a fun spring activity, clearing away the clutter and getting organized can give you a mood boost. Spring is a time of starting over, so you can organize an office spring-cleaning party. Start by clearing off the top of your desk. File all those papers that are piling up. Toss any old documents you no longer need. Organize office supplies. Then clear old files from your computer.



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