Games to Play at Christmas Gatherings

There is nothing more festive and joyful than family gatherings at Christmas. Singing carols, opening gifts and a big family dinner get the evening underway. To add to the festivities, many families choose to play games that involve children and adults alike. Games that get all age levels participating make for a memorable Christmas gathering.

Gather around the Christmas tree for good old-fashioned fun. (Image: bradleyhebdon/iStock/Getty Images)

"Christmas Tree Dad"

Young children will enjoy "Christmas Tree Dad". (Image: bst2012/iStock/Getty Images)

Have Dad, or another family member, stand with arms slightly extended. Kids wrap him with green crepe paper to turn him into a Christmas tree. Add tinsel and some homemade decorations to complete the effect. Young children will especially enjoy "Christmas Tree Dad."

"Pin the Nose on Rudolph"

"Pin the Nose on Rudolph". (Image: Michael Steden/iStock/Getty Images)

This game is similar to "Pin the Tail on the Donkey." Ahead of time, create a reindeer on poster board and cut it out. Cut out red noses from shiny paper--one for each participant. Blindfold kids one at a time, turn them around, and have them try to stick the nose on Rudolph. Giving prizes for the closest nose is optional in "Pin the Nose on Rudolph."

"Holiday Charades"

Play a game of "Holiday Charades". (Image: Dylan Ellis/Digital Vision/Getty Images)

For kids who are a bit older, play a game of "Holiday Charades." Come up with a list of Christmas movie titles. Each player draws a title and acts it out for the group to guess.

"Christmas Pictionary"

Play a game of Christmas Pictionary. (Image: Li Ding/iStock/Getty Images)

Create a list of Christmas items or phrases for "Christmas Pictionary." Take turns choosing an item to draw on a large easel pad for the group to guess. The winning guesser chooses the next item or phrase to draw.

"Christmas Bows"

Play "Christmas Bows". (Image: Digital Vision./Photodisc/Getty Images)

Divide the group into two teams with at least eight members on each team. Team members make a chain by joining hand to wrist. Place a bucket with 10 bows at one end of each line and empty buckets at the other end. The object of "Christmas Bows" is to transfer all the bows down the line to the other bucket while keeping hands and wrists joined. If a bow drops on the floor the team members must pick it up without dropping hands. If the hand chain is broken all bows are returned to the beginning, and the team must begin again.


Play a memory game using familiar Christmas items. (Image: Ingram Publishing/Ingram Publishing/Getty Images)

Place 10 to 15 small Christmas items on a tray. Ideas for "Memory" include a Christmas ornament, a tree light, tinsel or Christmas treats. Show the tray to the group for about 30 seconds. Cover the tray. Players write down as many items as they can remember.

"Guess What"

Play a holiday version of "Guess What." (Image: Ihar Ulashchyk/iStock/Getty Images)

Use a pair of long Christmas socks to play a holiday version of "Guess What." Put various small items inside the socks. Use objects such as a Christmas ball ornament, a pine cone, a roll of tape or a jingle bell. Players take turns feeling the socks and guessing the contents. The player with the most objects correct gets the pair of socks.

"Name That Carol"

Choose Christmas carols to play for the group. (Image: Scott Rothstein/iStock/Getty Images)

Choose several Christmas songs to play for the group. Begin playing one of the carols. Players shout out the title as soon as they recognize it, winning that round of "Name That Carol."

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