Mexican Kids Party Games

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Throwing a Mexican-themed party for kids will provide hours of entertainment.

Mexican party games are a great way to celebrate the Mexican holidays of Cinco de Mayo and Grito de Dolores (Independence Day) and are also fun to play at children's birthday parties. There are many traditional Mexican games that kids will enjoy, or simply incorporate a Mexican theme into most children's games. Whichever games you choose for your party, the kids will be sure to enjoy your fiesta.



Pinatas are one of the most popular games at parties, so it is only fitting to have one at a Mexican-themed party. You can find pinatas in many different designs, such as a donkey, cactus, bull or sun, to go with your theme. Fill your pinata with candy or small toys for a special treat once it is broken open. Decorate a broom stick, purchase a pinata stick or simply buy a pinata that has pull strings if you do not want the children swinging. Blindfold the children one at a time, spin them around a few times, then let them try to swing at the pinata and break it open. Make sure the other children stand away from the child swinging to avoid being hit with the stick.


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Jumping Beans

The kids at your fiesta will burn a lot of energy with this game. Before you start the game, explain that a Mexican jumping bean has a certain kind of caterpillar baby inside and that when it gets warm, the caterpillar begins to move, making the beans jump. Play Mexican music and tell the kids to jump around like the beans, but as soon as the music stops, they must stand as still as they can without moving. If any of the "beans" are caught fidgeting, they are out and can then help you to spot the next fidgety bean.


Pin the Tail on the Burro

A burro is a donkey in the Spanish language, and this game has a long tradition of being a party favorite for children of all ages and cultures. Draw, or buy in party supply stores, a large picture of a donkey with no tail. Cut out enough tails ahead of time for all children to get one. Place double-sided tape on the end of each tail, and explain to the children that you are going to blindfold them and spin them around a few times. The children take turns attempting to pin the tail in the right place while blindfolded. The child who pins the tail closest to where it belongs on the burro wins.


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