High School Football Spirit Poster Ideas

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School spirit poster

Get the entire high school involved during football season to ensure big turnouts at games. When holding pep rallies, teach the student body cheers to shout out in support. During lunch periods, encourage constructing spirit posters. Ideas reflecting the team's colors and mascots unite the school.


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Spirit Ladder

Blank canvas for poster

To make the spirit ladder poster, use extra-large craft paper or poster board the entire length of a wall or door. Draw a line down the middle of the poster and paint your school colors, one on each side. Next, use a yardstick or some other straight edge and paint a black or silver ladder the full length of the page. The ladder rungs should run left to right, covering the entire width of the paper as well. At the top of the poster, using paint or marker, put in block lettering "Go" and your team's name with a picture of your mascot. Along each rung, beginning at the bottom, put the names of all opponents for the season. As you move through the season, regardless of the outcome, mark a thick black line through every opponent after the game. Encourage the student body to write positive messages to the team on the rungs after a loss.


Friday Night Lights

Football fans

Friday night lights is a colorful poster that displays the entire school's spirit for football. A large roll of craft paper or poster board is appropriate for this sign. To begin, write in big block letters the word "Football" up the side along the left edge of the poster. To the right of the word, either free-hand draw or use a stencil to create an image of a running football player and color his jersey with your school's shades. Above the player, put the phrase "Friday Night Lights!" Two options are available for the remainder of this poster. You can either include specific game information (date, time, opponent) between "Football" and the player image, or you can go without such information and reuse this poster throughout the season.


Operation: Winning

Football field

Create a poster that resembles a football field when you make "Operation: Winning." Use large craft paper--dark green color to resemble the grassy field if possible--and lie the page down horizontally to decorate. Use white paint to draw the outline of the field, its chalk markings and yard lines. Include two goal posts. Use your school colors to alternate letters and put the team's name across the bottom of the field. In the center, up top, spell out the phrase "Operation Winning." Free-hand draw or use a stencil to create two football players running toward your school's end zone. Dotted white lines linking the quarterback to his receiver resemble the direction of a pass.


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