Children's Arts & Crafts for Epiphany

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Wise men followed the star to Jesus.

Epiphany is part of the Christmas season. After the birth of Jesus, Magi (Wise Men) followed the great star in the sky to find the Christ child. Some religions call the Epiphany "the season of light," to celebrate Jesus bringing light to the world. Arts and crafts will help children celebrate this season of Christian meaning.


Treasure Box

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The Magi brought gifts to Baby Jesus.

Give each child a plastic box with attached lid, such as is available in the produce or bakery section of the grocery store. Have children tear small pieces of aluminum foil or foil wrapping paper. Glue foil pieces onto the box to cover the outside of box and lid. Kids may add craft jewels or other craft materials to decorate the boxes as desired.

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Shiny Dough Stars

A star ornament will remind children of the Epiphany.

Use purchased or homemade dough that can dry into ornaments. Have children mix gold or silver glitter into the dough. Roll out the dough and cut stars shapes freehand or with cookie cutters. Put a hole in each star near the tip of one of the star points. When stars dry, thread some plastic lacing or gold string through the hole and tie for a hanger.


Sandpaper Path to Jesus Picture

Children should dip their fingers into tempera paints, then press fingerprints onto a piece of sandpaper. Have children make a path around the sandpaper as they wish. Have children paint freehand a star in one upper corner of the painting. Glue on a small piece of colorful paper with a phrase such as, "Follow the path to Jesus." Use a hole punch to make a hole in each upper corner of the sandpaper. Thread through a length of twine and tie to form a hanger for the picture.


Beaded Star Pendants

Have children thread yellow beads onto a chenille stem. Bend the stem to form a star. Twist the ends of the stem together to keep beads from sliding off. Children may make one or more stars. Cut plastic lacing to loosely fit the necks of children. Thread one or more stars onto the lacing, then tie the lacing. Tip: For younger children, crepe paper is a safer necklace material than other lacings.


Royalty Hats

Children can make and wear royalty hats.

The Magi, or Wise Men, are portrayed in Christian displays as royalty. From posterboard, cut various royalty hat (or crown) shapes. Children may glue craft jewels and other available craft materials onto their hat shapes. Cut a strip of posterboard about 2 inches tall and as long as needed to fit a hat to each child. Staple the ends of the strip onto the side edges of the royalty hats.


Fragrant Stars

Give five cinnamon sticks to each child. (Craft sticks with cinnamon glued on as a fragrance will also work.) Have children form a star with their cinnamon sticks. Use liquid glue or a glue stick to secure the tips of sticks together. Tie a loop of twine at the end of one star point to hang the star, if desired.


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