Christmas Decorating Ideas With Glass Blocks

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Glass blocks bring back memories for many people as they were used in homes in the middle of the 20th century. Glass blocks, which can be found at your local hardware store, are being used to create Christmas decorations. Some of these decorations illuminate a home or front porch while others provide a colorful and decorative holiday touch. Supplies from the local craft store and the glass blocks are all that's needed to create Christmas glass block decorations.

Illuminated Glass Block Decoration

An illuminated glass block Christmas decoration is one with lights placed inside the glass block. Drill a hole in the back of the glass block and feed Christmas lights into the block until only the plug and a short length of cord remain outside the glass block. Any kind of small, holiday lights can be placed inside the glass block. You can use colored lights or white lights. Once your lights are inside the glass block, add Christmas decals to the exterior, an activity appropriate for children. Supervise closely so the glass block doesn't get knocked down as your child applies the decals.

Gift-Wrapped Glass Block Decoration

Beautifully wrapped Christmas gifts are symbolic of the spirit of giving that's associated with Christmas. A gift-wrapped glass block decoration is one gift that can be enjoyed year after year. Gift-wrapped glass block decorations are decorated with the minimum of a bow and ribbon. This can be as simple as an elegant Christmas ribbon wrapped around the glass block, then tied in a bow. The bow can be as elaborate as you choose to make or buy. Bows can be placed on the front of the glass block or on top. Decorations can be added in the form of small pine bows, pine cones, cinnamon sticks and other items associated with the holidays or winter time. These decorations can be affixed to the glass block with craft glue. Illuminated glass blocks look beautiful when wrapped with colored tissue paper, adhered with craft glue along the edges of the glass block, then topped off with ribbon and a bow.

Themed Glass Block Decorations

Some holiday decorations are based around a theme. Each year, department store windows set up themed Christmas decorations. Families often use themes in Christmas decorations as well. Possible themes might be decorating in silver and gold colors. Religious or snow themes work, too. Glass block Christmas decorations can also be decorated by theme. The options are limited only by your interest and creativity. One possible theme for decorated glass blocks is snowmen. Before placing white lights in a glass block, use a narrow-ended funnel to pour a little bit of fake snow in the bottom of the glass block. Once the lights have been placed in, a little bit of snow spray can be sprayed on the exterior of the glass block to give it the appearance of a snowy window. Top off your snowman-themed decoration by attaching a craft snowman to the top of the glass block with craft glue.

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