Halloween Games and Activities for Elderly People

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Get your elderly loved one in on the Halloween fun!
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Halloween isn't just for the kids. There are plenty of ways to get more elderly loved ones in on the autumn fun as well. Consider running the Halloween games and activities at the local senior center or senior community activity and deliver age-appropriate fun. Include your elderly friend or relative in this year's celebration for a change of pace from the regular trick-or-treat activities.



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Halloween food.
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Halloween-themed food is fun, easy to make, and perfect for entertaining groups of elderly people, large or small. Bake cupcakes and have them decorate them with orange and black icing. Provide sprinkles and candy corn for decoration as well to make the project even more festive! You could also bake sugar cookies and have the group cut out the dough with Halloween-shaped cookie cutters before baking and decorating them. Candy apples are even easier; just melt caramel, put some apples on sticks, and dip.


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Halloween decorations.
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Halloween crafts are a relaxing and fun way to make the atmosphere a little more festive. Put out different colors of construction paper (orange, black, green, white) and help the elderly people to cut out various Halloween shapes, like pumpkins, black cats or ghosts. Provide glue, stickers, glitter, and anything else that might spark creativity. Some elderly people might need more assistance than others with this project, depending on their level of ability. When you're done, hang the decorations in different places around the house, building, or room.



Halloween bingo.
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Games are always a great choice to entertain senior citizens. Halloween Bingo is a sure crowd-pleaser. Simply use Halloween-themed pictures for each space on the Bingo card, or use a Halloween-themed word in place of "Bingo" such as "Witch" or "Ghost." Another fun and easy game idea is to have a scary story contest. Have each person tell their best scary story and have everyone vote on whose was the scariest.


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