Funny Ways to State No Gifts on an Invitation

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Finding a polite, creative way to say "no gifts, please" on your invitation can be a challenge. Your best bet is to choose requests that cleverly play on words, demonstrating your no-gift preference while remaining considerate of your invitees' feelings. If you feel strongly about receiving no gifts, add "no gifts, thank you" (it's more polite than "please") after the request. Also, because many people feel uncomfortable with the thought of giving nothing, consider naming a charity to which your invitees can donate.


Your Presence is the Only Present I Need

This phrase makes it clear that you value a friend or loved one's company over tangible gifts.

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Just Your “Presence” is Requested

This phrase swaps "presence" for "presents," concisely stating that a loved one's attendance is the only item you request at your event.


Please Do Not Come Bearing Gifts!

This phrase plays on the saying "come bearing gifts." Because it's more informal than other phrases, you should use it only for an event that will be attended by close friends and family, who won't misconstrue your humor for flippancy.


Good Wishes Make the Best Gifts

This phrase shows that a loved one's good wishes are preferential to gifts. Because this phrase is less direct than others, you might want to include "no gifts, thank you."


I Only Need You--No Present Will Do

This rhyme shows that an attendee's presence is more meaningful to you than a gift. Because it might seem subjective to some, it should be followed up with "no gifts, thank you."



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