Opposites Attract Costume Ideas

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Blend the opposite looks of casual and formal.
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Light and dark, yin and yang, peanut butter and jelly—when opposites attract, they give life a wondrous sense of unity. They also make awesome costumes for couples and friends attending a party. "Opposites attract" costume ideas are limited only by your imagination. Whether capturing lofty abstractions or everyday objects, the right combination of dress and props could make you the life, or death, of the party.


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Abstract Ideas

Opposites are often represented in abstract terms -- love and hate, good and evil. Trying to embody these ideas in a fun, creative costume. For example, an angel costume paired with a devil costume can represent good and evil in the classical sense. For love and hate, try pairing a Cupid costume with Medusa or another loathsome, spiteful figure. A simple heart emblem could also be used to represent love, while a broken heart emblem could be used to signify hate. The more ambitious could even fashion yin and yang costumes to embody all cosmic opposites.


Everyday Objects

Everyday life is full of paired objects that you might take for granted. Just consider what's in your kitchen: ketchup and mustard, peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper. The bon vivant could make a costume shaped like a bottle of wine, and a partner could make a costume shaped like a wedge of cheese. You can also find costume ideas in your garage or outside your home: mouse and mousetrap, weed and weed-killer, nail and hammer.


Classic Characters

History and mythology are full of clashing characters that make for great costumes. Children love to play cops and robbers or cowboys and Indians; costumes for all four of these characters are easy to find and fun to pair with each other. Fairy tales are also full of opposites. One person could dress as Little Red Riding Hood and the other as the wolf. To the same effect, instead of pairing Snow White with her prince, match her with the Wicked Queen, replete with a poisoned apple.


Movie Characters

Hollywood has produced a lot of mismatched couples. Edward and Kim from "Edward Scissorhands" make an awkward sight with Edward's drooping blades for hands, but the couple's clashing attire -- Gothic meets girl-next-door -- could be used for great Halloween costumes. Dressing like Lewis and Betty from "Revenge of the Nerds" would showcase the unlikely attraction between classic nerd and class beauty. And don't forget one of the most unlikely Disney couples: "Beauty and the Beast." Find a yellow gown to create the Belle costume, then horns and a blue tuxedo for the Beast costume, and together dance the night away.