Valentine Ideas for the Office

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Valentine, card, computer and coffee at office desk.
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Celebrating Valentine's Day at work requires a little careful planning and consideration. On one hand, you're not exactly "in love" with your colleagues, but on the other hand, it's fun to decorate your workplace and share a few treats for this February occasion. Valentine's Day isn't the opportunity to declare your undying affection for the person in the next cubicle, but with the right preparation, it can be an enjoyable day at work.


Office Decor

You might pull out all the stops when decorating for Valentine's Day at home; however, your office is indeed a workplace and needs to maintain an air of professionalism. Still, decorations such as red, white, and pink balloons and streamers, Cupid-themed stickers, a few cheerful bouquets of flowers placed in the reception area and lunch room, and a playlist of love-themed tunes can quickly boost the office's Valentine's Day quotient.

Baked Treats

Valentine's Day is an ideal time to share some homemade baked goods with your colleagues -- cookies, cupcakes, squares and cake are suitable choices, especially when decorated with red or pink icing. Don't, however, share your treats with only certain colleagues; place the treats in a communal area and encourage everyone to partake. Selectively sharing your treats with certain people can lead to resentment among some colleagues.


Interactions With Others

Wishing your colleagues a happy Valentine's Day is acceptable, but don't use the day as an excuse to flirt or give flowers to someone on whom you have a crush. Remember, too, that Valentine's Day can be a difficult occasion for some people. Don't force your Valentine's Day cheer on anyone; if someone doesn't seem keen to partake in the celebration, don't force the issue.

Office Games

Some lunchtime games can help keep the Valentine's Day mood festive, although you must be vigilant about ensuring that the games stay professional. For one game, encourage your colleagues to share a professional sentiment about what they appreciate about one other person in the office. Or go person-by-person around the room and share reasons that you're in love -- with your job. If you don't know people in your office, make an effort to get to know someone new as you munch on baked goods -- but remember to keep it professional.