Ideas for a Daytime Prom Date

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Prom night is an exciting and memorable evening for many teenagers. But there's no reason to confine the fun to just one night. Many high school students enjoy daytime prom dates, getting together with their dates and friends during the day before the big dance. A day date can help everyone relax and unwind before the big event.


Enjoy the Great Outdoors

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If the weather is nice, a hike or bike ride can help everyone release prom day stress while enjoying the sun with friends. Prom-goers in cooler climates can spend the day sledding or ice skating, while those who live near the coast can get in some pre-dance swimming or surfing. Or, take it a bit more low-key with some miniature golf or a trip to the zoo.

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Be Active Indoors

Enjoying the great outdoors isn't always an option, but that doesn't mean you can't expend some energy before prom. For active indoor fun, take your prom date bowling or get in a few rounds of laser tag. These games can help break the ice and provide memories for years to come.



For some teenagers, preparing for prom night can increase stress and anxiety levels. You can help your date relieve this nervous tension before the dance by treating her to a relaxing pre-prom date. Take her to see a romantic movie for some quiet time or take her to a spa where she can enjoy a calming massage before she has to start getting ready.


Take in Some Culture

If your date is the intellectual type, he might enjoy spending time before prom increasing his knowledge. Visiting a museum or nature preserve can provide relaxing quiet time while encouraging learning and conversation.



Prom night nerves can make eating a satisfying dinner difficult. Stock up on protein during the day by going out for a big lunch followed by a trip to an ice cream shop. For a more romantic one-on-one meal, pack a picnic to take to the park. You and your friends will dance the night away without getting tired if you nourish your bodies before prom time.



Enlist your date and friends to spend the day before prom giving back to the community. You can go on a walk for charity, clean up trash at your favorite park or sign up to walk dogs at an animal shelter. Helping others in need will impress your date and your parents. That night, as you climb into your limousine and head to the dance, you and your friends will feel good about yourselves for donating a part of your day to a worthwhile cause.



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