Hilarious Halloween Costume Ideas

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Every year as Halloween gets closer, people across the country have one thing on their mind for holiday celebrations: coming up with a fantastic and unique costume idea. Nothing could ruin the holiday fun more than going to a party and seeing several people wearing the exact same costume as you. Even one person wearing your costume can surely put a damper on your evening. This Halloween plan ahead, and think "hilarious."

"There's Something About Mary"

Those who have seen this movie starring Ben Stiller and Cameron Diaz will laugh hysterically if they see you in this costume. All you will need is a red dress, a plush dog, first aid kit, and hair gel. This costume will work best if you actually have short blond hair, but anyone can do it. Bandage the plush dog to look like Mary's roommate's injured dog. Then use hair gel to stick your bangs straight up.


If you don't have much cash in the wallet and don't know how to sew, but you still want a hilarious costume idea, try dressing as a nerd for Halloween. You can make this costume really easily, and if you don't own some of the accessories or apparel, ask a friend or family member probably whether you can borrow them. You'll just need clothing one size too small for you, along with a few minor accessories: a button-up shirt (but don't forget to button all the buttons), pants pulled up way too high on the waistline, white socks, dress shoes, pocket protector, fake zits and lots of gel to slick your hair back. You can make this costume gender neutral: Women can wear the above outfit and pull it off, or simply replace the pants with a tweed skirt and knee-high socks.

Where's Waldo

For another easy costume idea, dress as Waldo from "Where's Waldo." You'll just need a red-and-white striped shirt, red-and-white striped winter hat, jeans, big-rim black glasses and black dress shoes. If you do choose this for your Halloween costume, prepare for your friends to crack Waldo jokes all night long.

Split Personality

This one may not be obvious, but once you explain it, you're sure to get some laughs. This will also require some sewing skills. Cut two outfits in half, and sew them together. For example, take khaki pants and leather pants, and wear no makeup on one side of your face but heavy makeup on the other side.