Decorating Ideas for a 90th Birthday Party

Ninetieth birthday parties do not come around every day. This is truly a milestone, not only in the person's life, but also all of those who are family and friends. A ninetieth birthday is definitely a cause for celebration with lots of decorations. The decorations for a ninetieth birthday party should be as unique as the individual. Brainstorm with family and friends to come up with some great ideas for decorations.


Decorate the room with photos of the guest of honor. Get baby pictures and pictures showing her throughout the years. Make sure to get pictures of milestones, such as previous birthdays, weddings, first car, babies. Find as many pictures of the guest of honor taken with as many of the party attendees as possible.

Family Trees

Make a family tree on one wall of the hall. Family is something that older people enjoy. Use foam board for the trunk and the branches and paint them brown. Make a branch for each section of the family. Add green construction paper leaves with the names of all the different family members.

Magazine Covers

Find magazines that were popular during the birth year of the guest of honor. Use several different magazine covers for the guest of honor's birth month, and have them enlarged and framed to hang on the walls as decorations.

News Desk

Set up a news desk where you can fill people in on the news of the day, week, month and year of the guest of honor. Use real newspaper clippings or find newsreels of that time, and have them quietly playing during the party, allowing everyone to know what was going on in the world at that time.

Clothes and Memorabilia

Hang the guest of honor's old clothes around the room. Do not worry about recent ones, but choose a christening dress or a school dance outfit that the guest of honor may have kept through the years. Next to these items arrange photos of the guest of honor wearing the costumes so that everyone can see what he looked like.

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