Halloween Office Games

Check with HR and department supervisors before scheduling office Halloween activities.
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If Halloween is a part of the culture in your office, it may be a great day to get dressed up and have fun with coworkers. A few office games are a fun way to celebrate the holiday, as long as the boss doesn't mind. It may be best to schedule Halloween activities for the last couple of hours of a workday instead of distracting employees in the morning or disrupting workflow during the day. Games may be restricted to departments or open to all employees, depending on the size of the company.

Costume Contest

A costume contest is a classic Halloween activity. Encourage the group to wear professional and appropriate costumes. Distribute guidelines in advance to prevent issues. You might suggest employees dress like their favorite bosses or in costumes related to your profession. For example, if you work at a health insurance company, employees might dress as doctors and patients for the day. If you work at a law firm, ask employees to dress as their favorite lawyer characters from film and television. At some point in the day, get everyone together to show off their costumes. Invite those who want to participate in a contest to stand before the group. Judge outfits based on applause. Award the winner with a gift certificate to a nearby coffee shop or favorite neighborhood lunch place. A costume contest doesn't require an actual office party; it may be held at the end of the day after all the costumes have been seen.

Pumpkin Popping

Buy a package of orange balloons. Before completely inflating each balloon, insert a little slip of paper that contains an office-related prize or penalty. Examples of prizes include vouchers for a pastry from a nearby cafe or a coupon for an extra-long lunch break. Penalties might include regular daily tasks such as refilling the printer paper or making the morning coffee. Put all of the "pumpkins" in an enclosed room and bring in your coworkers. Have everybody stand in a circle and choose somebody to go first. Moving around the circle, each person has to pick a balloon to pop. Keep an even balance between possible prizes and penalties.

Spooky Name Game

Make a Halloween version of a classic guessing game. Write down scary characters from popular culture on sticky notes. Consider people such as Dracula, Dr. Frankenstein or the Headless Horseman. As each person arrives to play the game, put a sticky note on his forehead. He walks around the room and ask "yes" or "no" questions until he can correctly guess who he is supposed to be. Everyone plays until all the characters have been correctly identified. For an office twist, replace the famous figures with the names of coworkers.

Office Chair Mummy Wrapping

A classic mummy wrapping game uses rolling office chairs. Everyone in the group chooses a partner. Each pair gets a roll of toilet paper. One person is the mummy, and the other performs the "mummification." The game is a race to see which mummy is wrapped the quickest with the entire roll of toilet paper. The mummy should be seated in an office chair while she is spun around and wrapped. Once the team finishes, it should call out and hold up the empty roll to declare itself the winner of the race.