Clue Ideas for an Easter Scavenger Hunt

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Egg hunts are a typical activity for children during Easter.
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Egg hunts are a typical activity for children during Easter. Often, people also do a scavenger hunt as well. A scavenger hunt can be created with the children's Easter baskets at the end of the hunt. Place clues in a plastic Easter egg. The bright egg will be easier for young children to find and the children can play with the eggs later.


Drawn Clues

Draw clues.
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Young children who cannot read yet will still enjoy a scavenger hunt. You can draw pictures of the next clue for the children to find. Make sure to use simple drawings that are easily identifiable to the child. Make a spot on the drawing with a red dot so the child knows exactly where to look. If you have a bed as a clue and the egg is hidden under the right side of the bed draw a red dot under the bed. Make sure to distinguish which bed the egg is hidden under. You can color the bed spread similar to the bedspread of the bed you hid the egg under.


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Take pictures of where the eggs are hidden.
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Photographs are another good option for children who cannot read but are fun clues for any age. Hide all the eggs for the scavenger hunt. Take a picture of each egg including a small portion of an object around it. If the egg is on a bookshelf make sure to have a portion of the bookshelf in the picture. If the egg is outside in the flower garden include part of the flower in the picture so the children will know were to look. Print out the photographs on paper so they are easy to fold. Place the pictures in the eggs. The picture of the first egg should be given to the children. Then place the picture of the second egg in the first egg; the picture of the third egg should be in the second egg. Continue to do this until all the eggs have pictures. The final egg should have a picture of the Easter basket for final prize.


Word Clues

Write word clues.
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Create clues for the scavenger hunt with puzzles to solve in order to find the next clue. Use a character such as the Easter bunny to ask questions. For example, "If the Easter bunny gets tired you may find him here." The Easter bunny would go to a bed if he were tired; leave the next clue on the bed. Another clue could be, "One of the Easter bunny's favorite snacks can be found here." You can either leave a clue on a bag of carrots in the refrigerator or in the vegetable garden. Make the clues more difficult to solve if your scavenger hunt is for adults or older children.



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