Family Games for New Years Eve

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The New Year is cause for celebration. For families, one of the safest places to celebrate New Year's Eve is in the comfort of home. A night full of activities and games keeps the kids entertained and builds up the excitement to midnight. The age of your children affects the games you can play for the family New Year's celebration. Get the kids involved in the game planning for even more fun.


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Family Photo Trivia

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This New Year's Eve game gives you a chance to look back to the previous year in photos. You'll need several photos of different activities you've done as a family in the past year. They can range from big events such as holidays and birthdays to everyday occurrences. One at a time, the photos are displayed. The first person to identify the event earns a point. You can require them to name the event, tell when it occurred or generally describe it. Another option is to create a specific question about the photo that relates to the event.


Hide the Clock

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The clock theme works well with the New Year's Eve countdown. For this game, you'll need a clock that ticks loudly enough to hear. Choose a specific room for hiding the clock. The hider takes the clock to the room and hides it. The rest of the family goes into the room and searches for the clock using the ticking as a clue. The first person to find the clock then gets her chance to hide it.


Resolution Guessing Game

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This party game works best at a large family New Year's gathering. Each family member writes down a New Year's resolution and places it in a box without writing a name on it. The resolutions are read one at a time. The group tries to guess who wrote the resolution. This game tests how well you know your own family members or how creative you can get with your own resolutions.


New Board Games

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Board games are a popular choice for family entertainment. Instead of playing one of the games you've played hundreds of times before, create a new board game for the New Year. Pull out several different board games you already own. Use the playing boards, pieces and rules from each of the games to create a new board game. The kids might surprise you with their creativity in combining the different board games. Your new game might even become a new family favorite.