Halloween Party Games for Middle School

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In order to keep Halloween activities for middle schoolers fun and involving for everyone in a middle school setting, what you really need are the right games. Some party games can be dressed up to fit any season, but Halloween also sparks some odd games that can only be played on the unique, October holiday. Some games may be more popular than others, but you never know which ones will catch on until you really try them out.


Candy Relay Middle School Game

This knock-off of the usual relay races run at festive events is an exciting Halloween party game for tween. Take two empty, plastic Jack O' Lanterns and place them at one end of the room. Take two Jack O' Lanterns that are full of candy and place them at the other end so that they're lined up with the empty ones. Divide the kids into two teams, and have them take candy from one Jack-o-Lantern to the other using a spoon or a pair of chopsticks. Don't allow them to use their hands to pick up the candy. For some added difficulty, make them lurch like the Frankenstein monster, or have them shuffle like a mummy.


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Wrap the Mummy

For this game you will need several rolls of toilet paper. Divide the kids up into teams and then divide the toilet paper rolls so that each team has the same number. The goal of this game is to wrap the smallest member of the team like a mummy so that they're completely covered. No skin or clothing is allowed to be showing. The first team to get their mummy completely wrapped up is declared the winner. For this game it's best to make sure that all participants are comfortable, and that no one will be scared or hampered (as someone with claustrophobia or asthma might be) by being wrapped up.


Toss the Jack O' Lantern

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To play this middle school game, all you need are some Jack O' Lantern buckets, and some small, plush pumpkins or skulls, or maybe both. Line the buckets up in a vertical row and have the players stand at one end. The players will get to toss a certain number of plush pumpkins or skulls, usually three, into the buckets. The buckets will be worth more points the further away they are from the tosser, and the point values can be made up by the person running the game. Based on the number of points a player (or a team if you want to make it a team event) has, they will be rewarded with a certain amount of candy.


What Am I?

Get middle school brains cranking with a simple Halloween party game for tweens, which the entire class plays together. Find and print out Halloween pictures and drawings online, or even tear out coloring book pages. Look for holiday appropriate images such as bats, candy corn, cats, Dracula, Frankenstein, ghosts, haunted houses, jack-o-lanterns, monsters, mummies, pumpkins, scarecrows, spiders, spider webs, vampires, witches and zombies.


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Give a picture to one of the kids and allow him two or three minutes to consider it. Then ask him to describe his picture to the rest of the class, without showing them the picture or telling them what the secret image is. Give one point to the first student who guesses what it is, and allow that student to describe the next picture. Keep playing the guessing game until all class members have had the opportunity to describe a picture. Award one point to the each one who guesses an image correctly. And of course the student with the most points at the end of the game wins.



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