Size of a Twin Comforter for Sewing

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Sew your own comforter to match your room.

Making your own comforter enables you to perfectly customize a bedspread for your room. Purchase special materials for making a comforter from a fabric store. This includes extra-wide fabric and batting, Of course, one of the most important steps in making a comforter is deciding what size you'd like. There are various sizes of twin comforters depending on what style you are hoping to achieve and what size of twin bed you need to accommodate.


Standard Twin

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The standard width of a twin comforter is 68 inches and the standard length is 86 inches. This is an approximate measurement as most manufacturers adjust the standard slightly to achieve different looks.

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Twin XL

Twin XL beds are common in student dormitories. The beds are just as wide as a regular twin bed but they are approximately 4 inches longer. Most comforter manufacturers don't make a special comforter for extra long twin beds, so making your own will allow you to accommodate a twin XL. Depending on the look you want to achieve, add approximately 4 inches to the length of the comforter to accommodate for the extra inches in the bed. This would make the comforter 68 inches wide and 90 inches long.


Increasing the Width

Increasing the width of the comforter will make a comforter that hangs far over the sides of the bed. This is useful if you want to make sure to cover the sides of the bed or if you want the blanket to drape right to the floor. To do this, measure the height of the bed, multiply it by two and add the product to the width of the bed. Standard twin mattresses are approximately 39 inches wide.The resulting number is the width of the comforter if you want the comforter to drape to the ground. A comforter that is wider than normal will generally be wider than 68 inches.


Increasing the Length

Increasing the length of the comforter will ensure that the blanket drapes over the end of the bed to cover the bed end and legs. Measure the height of the bed and add the number to the length of the bed to determine how many inches long the comforter should be. Standard twin mattresses are approximately 75 inches long. A comforter that is longer than normal will be more than 86 inches long. Increasing the length is also useful if you want to fold the comforter over at the top of the bed or tuck it under and over the pillows.



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