Jesus Is Tempted Crafts

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Crafts are a great way to teach children about resisting temptation like Jesus.

Crafts make effective object lessons when you are teaching children about resisting temptation like Jesus in the wilderness whether you are a Sunday school teacher or you just want to teach your own children or grandchildren. The Bible story lesson is located in Luke 4:1-13 and Matthew 4:1-11.


Sand Art

After telling children the story of Jesus in the desert, talk about how dry it must have been in the desert. Hand out construction paper with flowing, horizontal lines across the page to divide it into three or four sections. Have the children apply glue with glue pens to each section and then sprinkle colored sand on to each section.


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Resisting Temptation

Using ready-made cookie dough, slice the dough and let the children put the slices on to greased cookie sheets. Allow them to decorate the cookies with sprinkles. While you bake the cookies, tell them the story of Jesus resisting temptation. Put the baked cookies on to a table in front of the children and leave the room momentarily. Return and ask them if they were tempted to grab a cookie. Relate that to Jesus being tempted in the wilderness.


Heart Craft

Tell the Bible story of Jesus resisting temptation. Hand out pink or red hearts cut out of construction paper to each child. Use a hole punch to make holes around the outer edges of the heart except for the top part. Have the children weave a piece of ribbon through the holes, in and out to make a heart envelope. Give the children Bible verses that address temptation to place inside their heart envelopes.


Temptation Calendars

Tell the story of Jesus in the wilderness and how he resisted temptation. Hand out construction paper to the children to make a calendar page for the current month. The children can put Bible verses about temptation or from the story of Jesus and draw pictures of Jesus in the desert. Tell the children to write "No to temptation" on each day that they resisted temptation of some kind.


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