Crown Royal Crafts

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Crown Royal's packaging is almost as well-known as the spirit itself. The blended Canadian whiskey's crown-shaped bottle and purple velvet bag were designed in homage to English monarchs Queen Elizabeth I and King George VI to mark their 1939 tour of Canada. Reuse Crown Royal bottles and bags in a variety of craft projects.


Light Craft Ideas

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Reuse Crown Royal bottles to make a variety of light fixtures. Drill holes in the bottom of the bottles and thread strands of lights through the hole to create a bottle lamp. This simple lamp idea can be made using the bottle as is with the label, or can be created by painting the bottle a variety of colors, patterns and designs. Instead of lights, you can place long, thin candles in the bottle's opening.

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Pillow Crafts

Crown Royal's iconic purple bags can be reused to make numerous pillow crafts, including small pillows for doll houses and larger pillows for doll beds. Cut out the emblem on the front of the bags and sew it to the front of a pillow or incorporate it into a pillow sham. The purple bags may also be used as herbal sleep pillows -- stuff them with cotton balls or craft filler and your choice of herb, such as dried lavender, to promote relaxation and sleep.


Storage Crafts

Crown Royal bottles may be used as frames for homemade bookshelves. Drill holes through the ends of light pieces of wood to fit the bottle openings, and glue them in for extra support. The bottles operate like bookends on either side of the shelf. Use these shelves in the kitchen for storing spices or in your living room for CDs or books. Or, use paint to label and decorate the bottles for holding dried beans, rice, loose teas and spices.


More Purple Bag Crafts

Incorporate pieces of the Crown Royal bag into homemade Christmas stockings. Use material from the velvet bags as borders at the top or on the sides of the stocking, or cut the material into various shapes and designs and sew them onto the stocking. Additionally, use the bags to make doll clothes or even dog sweaters if you have enough bags. You can also use the bags as fabric for fabric jewelry crafts, including bracelets and necklaces.


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