When to Plant a Globe Cedar

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An evergreen, globe cedars keep their foliage year round.

Globe cedar trees naturally grow round and compact. The shrubs grow 2 to 4 feet tall, with an equal spread. Cold hardy with low maintenance, globe cedars are used as foundation plants in the landscape or as low-growing, fragrant evergreen hedges. Globe cedars thrive in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 2 through 8.


From the Nursery

Globe cedars come from the nursery bare root, balled and burlapped or in a nursery container. Balled and burlap globe cedars come with a ball of soil around the roots, wrapped in burlap. Container shrubs arrive in a nursery pot filled with soil. Bare-root globe cedars ship without soil around the roots. Planting time varies, depending on how the shrubs arrive from the nursery. When planting globe cedar shrubs, pick a spot that gets full sun or part shade with good soil drainage.


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Balled and Burlapped

Plant balled and burlapped globe cedars during the cool weather of spring and fall. In mild climates where the ground remains workable through the winter, plant anytime between late fall and early spring. Cut away strings and bindings from around the root ball before planting, and unfold the burlap material. Leave natural burlap in the bottom of the planting hole. Water within six hours of planting and keep the soil moist for the first growing season.


Bare Root

Bare-root globe cedars arrive in a dormant state. Nurseries sell bare-root trees in late winter and early spring. Once purchased, plant bare-root globe cedars as soon as possible. The roots tend to dry out, so keep the material wrapped around the roots damp until planting time. Dig the planting hole large enough to spread the roots out. Roots that get twisted around in the hole can grow back into the root system, affecting growth. Water within six hours of planting.



Purchasing and planting container-grown globe cedars gives you the most freedom. Container-grown shrubs are available year round from nurseries and plant stores, and the shrub can live in the pot for a while until you figure out where to plant it. Plant container-grown globe cedars anytime during the year. During hot, dry summer weather, plant in the morning or evening, when the air is cool. Keep newly planted globe cedars well watered for the first growing season.


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