Masquerade Ball Invitation Ideas

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A masquerade ball is often a formal event that encourages guests to come dressed in decorative masks for a music- and food-filled celebration. The invitations for such an event do more than just present the necessary party information to the guests -- they set the tone for the event. They can even be a clever way to introduce the theme. If you want to make an impression with your masquerade ball invitations, consider these design and material ideas.



Design your invitation.
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The colors for your invitation could introduce the design scheme to your guests. For example, if it is a black-tie event, cream-colored card stock with black ink and gold accents is the norm. For a New Year's Eve masquerade party, metallic shades like silver, gold and bronze can set the tone. For a Mardi Gras-inspired invitation, purple, green and gold are a classic color combination.


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Use iconic elements for themes.
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If you have a certain theme for your masquerade ball, this should be indicated on the invitations. This is important if you want your guests to come dressed a certain way. Some possible theme ideas are vintage Hollywood or Moulin Rouge. Use symbols from the theme as decoration. For example, in a vintage Hollywood theme, you could depict a red carpet or film reel on the invitation.



Be creative with invitations.
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The invitation does not have to be the standard one-side card or folded greeting card style. It can actually take on any shape you like with the help of a stencil or die-cutter. One shape that would be appropriate for this type of event would be the shape of a mask. A feather or a beaded necklace for a Mardi Gras inspired theme are a couple of examples.



Include clever wording on invitations.
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Along with the basic party information the invitations should contain, you can use the wording in your invitation to introduce the fact that it is a masquerade ball. Play on the fact that the identity of the party guest is to be hidden with phrasings such as "You're in on a secret" or "Go incognito."



Accent invitations.
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Cardstock is generally used to print invitations, but it is not the only option. Rice paper, textured homemade paper or even fabric are all options. In fact, you can be unconventional by choosing to pin a piece of paper containing the party information to an inexpensive mask. Accent with feathers, sequins, beads, paint and ribbon.



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