What Do You Give for a Quinceanera?

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Choose an appropriate gift for someone who is having a quinceanera.

A quinceanera celebration is an important day in the life of 15-year-old girls in Latin American culture. The 15th birthday marks the end of her childhood and her entrance into young womanhood. When you are choosing a gift for a quinceanera celebration, select something that will properly mark her transition, but will still be age appropriate.


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Personalized Jewelry

Consider choosing a piece of personalized jewelry for the young girl who is having a quinceanera celebration. For example, choose a piece of sterling silver jewelry, such as a necklace or a bracelet, and have her name or her initials engraved onto it. You could also choose a traditional piece of jewelry, such as a tiara that she can wear on the day of her celebration.


High Heels

A traditional element of quinceanera celebrations is the presentation of high heeled shoes. The 15-year-old girl wears flat shoes to the party and is then presented a pair of high heeled shoes by her father, which she changes into. Consider giving the young woman another pair of high heeled shoes that she can wear after the party. Consider a more casual pair of high-heeled sandals that will coordinate well with other outfits.


Last Doll

Another traditional gift given to young women who are celebrating their quinceanera is a last doll. Someone special to the girl, such as her godparents, her grandparents or someone else, typically gives her her last doll. It is typically a porcelain doll that is decorated with ribbons that have the young girl's name and birth date printed onto them. The last doll signifies the ending of the young girl's childhood. Traditionally, she then passes the doll on to a younger sister or family member.


Gift Card

If you are not certain what to get for the girl who is celebrating her quinceanera, consider choosing a gift card. For example, choose a gift card to a local clothing store that is popular among teenagers. Another idea is a gift card to a salon so that she can have her hair done or a pedicure. You could also choose a gift card to a local restaurant or a movie theater.