Craft Ideas on the Second Coming of Jesus

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Help children understand the second coming of Jesus with crafts.

The second coming of Jesus is discussed many times throughout the Bible. However, some of these passages are allegorical and may be difficult for children to comprehend. Crafts can help children remember and understand what the Bible teaches about the second coming. Each craft can be related to a particular Bible verse that should be read and discussed before completing the craft.


No One Knows The Hour

This craft relates to Matthew 24:36-44, which states that no one knows the day or the hour of the Lord's return. For this craft, each child will make a clock with question marks on the tip of the clock hands. For each child, download and print out a clock face and two question marks equal in size to the clock numbers. Give each child a paper plate and have him glue the clock face onto it. Give each child two strips of black construction paper for the hands of the clock. Have the children cut out the question marks and glue them onto the ends of the clock hands. Attach the clock hands to the center of the plate with a brad. Write "That day and hour, no one knows (Matthew 24:36-44)" on the back of each clock.


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Oil Lamps

This craft relates to Matthew 25:1-13, which compares preparing for the Lord's return to 10 virgins preparing to meet the bridegroom. The virgins who had prepared their lamps with enough oil were greeted by the bridegroom while those who were not prepared missed the feast. To make the craft, draw or download an image of an oil lamp, an oil jar and five oil drops. Have each child color and cut out an oil lamp and jar then glue them onto a sheet of construction paper. Have each child write what she can do to prepare for the second coming on the oil drops. Cut out the oil drops and glue them onto the lamp jar.


The Glorious Throne

This craft relates to Matthew 25:31-46, which provides an image of Jesus' return on a glorious throne with angels at his side. For this craft, give each child a sheet of white paper to draw Jesus on the throne. Distribute glue, gold glitter, sequins and plastic craft jewels to decorate the glorious throne. For younger children, you may want to print out pictures of Jesus on the throne and distribute a copy to each child for coloring and decoration.


The Sheep and the Goats

This craft also relates to Matthew 25:31-46, which states that Jesus will separate the people as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. This craft is especially appropriate for younger children. Print out images of sheep and goats so that there are two goats and two sheep for each child. Cut the images out and give each child both sets and a sheet of construction paper. Have the children draw a line down the middle of the construction paper. Ask them to separate the sheep from the goats by gluing the goats on the left side of the paper and the sheep on the right side of the paper.



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