The Dangers of Beads in Stuffed Animals

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Protect your loved ones from the dangers of beads in stuffed animals.

Stuffed animals are an enjoyable and soothing treat for children and pets. But beaded eyes and toys stuffed with beads can be dangerous. Accidental swallowing, bowel obstructions, inhaling beads into lungs, and damage to your home are just some of the reasons why beaded stuffed animals are hazardous. Look for safe toys that the entire family can be safe around.


Hidden Dangers

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Beads found inside stuffed animals, or used as embelishments for the eyes or nose, are hazardous to young children. Children under 3 years old will often pull off beads and try to put them in their mouths, ears or nose. A damaged stuffed animal can also spill out beads and expose young children to many other dangers.

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Accidental Swallowing

Dogs and other animals can chew on stuffed animals and accidentally swallow beads without your knowledge and lead to serious illness and difficult bowel movements. Look for special chew toys safely designed for dogs, and keep children's stuffed animals out of their site.


Inhaling Beads

Young children and dogs aren't just at risk for swallowing beads and causing digestive issues and bowel obstructions; they can also accidentally inhale them. Inhaling beads can lead to choking, lodging beads inside the lung or damage to the esophogus.


Damage To Your Home

Loose beads from favorite stuffed animals can roll into household vents, get sucked into vacuum cleaners and get lodged in hard-to-reach places, causing frustration and damage. Opt for bead-free toys to ensure household safety even when the toy becomes damaged, wears thin, rips seams or is accidentally destroyed during play time.


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