How to Get Rid of Snakes in Ivy

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Snakes are nuisance animals that scare many people even if the snakes themselves are no danger. There are several ways to get rid of snakes and to deter them from coming back to visit your yard, garden or decorative ivy, where they like to hide. Some of these involve commercial chemicals so think about what option is best for you and your family before using anything that might be harmful to children or pets.


Snakes like to hide in ivy.

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Things You'll Need

  • Snake Repellent

  • Pitchfork

  • Mothballs

  • Dog/Cat

Step 1

Keep your grass mowed since snakes prefer to live in weeds that offer protection from the elements and other dangers. Look for snake holes in your yard while mowing and put some snake repellent down the hole. Find snake repellent at your garden store and follow the manufacturer's directions for use.


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Step 2

Scatter mothballs into the ivy. Do this on a warm, dry day. Try to get the mothballs under the ivy leaves, where the snakes live, instead of just letting them lay on top. Add more mothballs every two to three weeks to keep the snakes from coming back.

Step 3

Consider getting an outside dog. Allow your dog to roam around your yard if possible to find and scare the snakes away. Place your doghouse close to the ivy if there are leash laws in your area to discourage snakes from taking up residency there.


Step 4

Do not use mulch under your ivy plants. Remember, while mulch holds in moisture for your plants, it also encourages snakes to make homes there. Stir the mulch with a pitchfork on a weekly basis if you do use mulch under and around your ivy.

Step 5

Call for an exterminator if the snake problem worsens. Have him physically remove any snakes and then spray a repellent on the ivy to keep new snakes from coming back.


If you have small children, be careful of what snake treatment you use. Keep children away from all chemicals and the areas of your yard where you use them.

Cats work just as well as dogs when it comes to getting rid of snakes. Also, if you live in the city limits or anywhere there are leash laws for dogs, cats give you another option since they are free to roam.


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