How to Remove Anti-Vandal Paint

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Things You'll Need

  • Stoddard Solution

  • Anti-vandal spray

  • Rag

  • Soap

  • Water

Anti-vandal paint is designed to prevent thefts and vandalism.

Anti-vandal paint, which is sometimes called anti-climb paint, is a paint option that is slippery when it dries. It is commonly used to keep burglars and thieves out of a home or building. When there is anti-vandal paint on a building, most buildings will have signs warning potential burglars, children and legitimate visitors of the building that the paint is on the walls. This should deter people from climbing the walls or leaning against them. While the signs are usually posted, there are times when paint can still accidentally get on clothes and skin. Anti-vandal paint will not come out of most clothing items easily and is difficult to get off skin as well.


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Step 1

Clean stained clothing with a Stoddard solution or white spirit. This will remove the paint from most cloth materials. While it removes the paint, it irritates skin and should not be inhaled. It is poisonous when swallowed, so only use it if there is no other choice. Do not use to remove paint from hands or skin. Only use Stoddard solution on cloth items.


Step 2

Use anti-vandal spray to remove the paint from objects or surfaces. This is ideal for cleaning the paint off walls, cars or any other location it might accidentally get on. Spray the anti-vandal spray directly onto the oily paint and then wipe it clean with a rag.

Step 3

Wash stained hands with hot water and soap while the paint is still wet. Regular soap and water should remove the paint or remove most of it from the skin.


If the paint cannot come out of the fabric with white spirit, throw the clothes away. According to, the paint is almost impossible to remove from clothing. Many anti-vandal paint manufacturers will suggest wearing old clothes while using the paint so if the paint does get on your clothes, the clothes are old enough to throw away.