How to Remove Epoxy Putty

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Things You'll Need

  • Sander or floor grinder

  • Chemical epoxy remover

  • Afterwash for chemical remover

  • Paintbrush

  • Chemical-resistant gloves

Use a paint brush to apply chemical remover to the cured epoxy.

Epoxy putty is a common adhesive used in home improvement projects. Its strong hold, however, can make it difficult to remove. Mechanical and chemical removal methods are available, and they allow any homeowner to take care of this task himself. Handle chemical removal products carefully and use them in well-ventilated areas.


Mechanical Removal

Step 1

Sand the epoxy layer with a power sander. Avoid inhaling epoxy dust by wetting the epoxy before you sand.

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Step 2

Use a diamond floor grinder for large areas on hard surfaces such as concrete.

Step 3

Clean any dust from the epoxy thoroughly from the room or area with a vacuum.

Chemical Removal

Step 1

Put on chemical-resistant gloves and wear a long-sleeve shirt.


Step 2

Paint a small amount of the epoxy remover onto the epoxy and let it sit for a few minutes. Instructions for specific chemical removers may vary, so follow the directions on the container.

Step 3

Test the spot with a scraper to see if the epoxy has come loose. If not, repeat this process. If it has, scrape all the unwanted epoxy away from the area.

Step 4

Clean the area with an afterwash, which is available at hardware stores.


Purchase an epoxy removal product from any hardware store. Consider buying the product with the lowest odor, as the chemicals in these products can be toxic.

Use caution when applying and handling chemical epoxy remover. Keep the product out of reach of children and pets.

If you use the epoxy remover indoors, ensure the area is well ventilated.


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