How Often Is Fiber Cement Siding Painted?

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Fiber cement siding is a building material well known for its ability to endure harsh conditions and resist rot and insect infestation. Often referred to as Hardiplank and Hardie Board, this material has good adhesive qualities -- a characteristic that makes it well suited for paint. Fiber cement siding requires repainting very infrequently; however, certain circumstances may hasten deterioration.


Standard Repainting

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If properly painted, fiber cement siding may hold its new finish between 7 to 15 years. Unless extenuating circumstances hasten the rate of deterioration, you can expect an attractive finish that should retain its beauty for approximately a decade.

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If you've applied the proper type of exterior paint to your fiber cement siding, you shouldn't have to worry about premature finish failure. Unfortunately, the wrong type of paint won't last nearly as long. Oil-based paints are not well suited for fiber cement siding and may crack or become discolored after only a year. Plain latex paints rarely crack in exterior conditions; however, they tend to fade when exposed to ultraviolet light. For the longest lasting finish, paint your fiber cement siding with a quality exterior acrylic-based paint.



No type of paint can maintain its integrity when exposed to particularly harsh weather conditions. If you live in a very cold or very hot climate, your fiber cement siding may require repainting after a shorter period. Strong winds and hail may also cause minor flaws in the finish. Though fiber cement siding holds paint much better than standard siding, it is not impervious to natural wear.



Most types of siding require a primer base coat before they will accept paint. Fiber cement siding is special in that it can maintain a painted finish without a primer base. Still, a single coat of acrylic primer can prolong the life of the painted finish. Fiber cement siding often comes pretreated with a primer base. If yours didn't, apply a primer base if you expect the painted finish to last for an extended period.


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