DIY Holiday Gift Tags Tutorial

If you've lovingly handcrafted your holiday gifts this year, why not go all in and make your gift tags as well? After all, personalized touches like these make all the difference -- are we right? And even if you didn't have time to DIY this year, these 3 fun tags will add a handcrafted touch to your gift wrapping. Plus, they're super easy to make. Gotta love that.

Image Credit: Maya Marin

Things You'll Need

  • Card stock paper in desired colors and/or ready-made blank gift tags

  • Clear-drying glue

  • Craft string or twine

  • Craft pen(s) in desired color(s) - I chose silver metallic

  • Single hole puncher

  • Scrapbook craft paper with Christmas design

  • Star or snowflake stickers

  • Assorted buttons in bright colors

  • Fresh rosemary sprigs about 5 inches long

Image Credit: Maya Marin

Make Blank Tags

Step 1: Cut Out Desired Tag Shapes

Decide what shape you'd like your tags to be, print or trace them onto your cardstock paper, then cut them out. I chose the classic price-tag shape, but there are plenty of templates online to choose from. My gift tags were fairly large at around 4.5 inches x 3.5 inches so that I had plenty of blank area to work with. Note that the rest of the dimensions I give in this tutorial will assume that you've done the same. However, if you want smaller tags, adjust dimensions accordingly.

Step 2: Punch Holes in Tags

Use your single hole puncher to punch holes in your tags. Now you're ready to start!

Image Credit: Maya Marin

Christmas Tree Tags

Step 1: Cut Scrapbook Paper

Cut 2-inch x 3-inch rectangles from your printed scrapbook paper.

Image Credit: Maya Marin

Step 2: Fold Fan/Accordion Style

Fold each piece in the fan/accordion style starting from a 2-inch edge. Make sure that the folds on the edges angle downwards so that only the printed side of the paper shows from the sides of your triangle tree.

Image Credit: Maya Marin

Step 3: Glue Between Folds

Sparingly apply dabs of glue between folds on both sides of one edge.

Image Credit: Maya Marin

Step 4: Pinch to Secure

Pinch the glued edge and hold for a moment to secure. Immediately wipe off any excess glue that is squeezed out. You can use your fingers, but I wanted to avoid mine from sticking to the paper so I used long nose pliers instead. Tweezers should also do the trick.

Image Credit: Maya Marin

Step 5: Glue Onto Tag and Apply Sticker

Apply glue to the back side of your tree and stick onto your blank tag, taking care to leave enough room between the punched hole and your star/snowflake sticker. Finally, affix your sticker to the top of your tree. Done with tag number 1!

Image Credit: Maya Marin

Button Ornament Tags

Step 1: Select Buttons

Grab some assorted buttons and select three of varying sizes and colors that'll look great together.

Image Credit: Maya Marin

Step 2: Draw Three Lines

Using a straightedge, draw three lines of varying lengths from the top of your tag down. Your lines should be somewhere between 1 to 2 inches long. To simulate wire, I used a metallic silver craft pen.

Image Credit: Maya Marin

Step 3: Draw Small Squares

Now draw and fill in small squares at the bottom of your lines. I wanted a playful, scribbly look, so didn't mind coloring a bit outside of the lines! These represent the tops of your hanging ornaments.

Image Credit: Maya Marin

Step 4: Glue Buttons

Glue buttons right below the squares, and you're done! Some glue will probably ooze through the holes in your buttons. If so, use a toothpick to remove the excess, but don't stress too much since your glue will dry clear.

Image Credit: Maya Marin

Fragrant Rosemary Wreath Tags

Step 1: Cut Fresh Rosemary Sprigs

Cut some sprigs of fresh rosemary. Make sure to select young, pliable pieces about 5 inches long.

Image Credit: Maya Marin

Step 2: Cut String or Twine

Cut a piece of string or twine about 9 inches long.

Image Credit: Maya Marin

Step 3: Bend Into A Circle

Make a small wreath by bending your sprig into a circle, overlapping edges about ⅝ of an inch.

Image Credit: Maya Marin

Step 4: Wrap and Tie Wreath

Wrap around the overlapped edges (through the wreath's center) about five times to secure your circle, then tie into a bow.

Image Credit: Maya Marin

Step 5: Glue onto Tag

Finally, apply glue to the back of your wreath on the string-wrapped area, and affix onto a blank tag. Done!

Image Credit: Maya Marin

Now, let the gift tagging commence!

Image Credit: Maya Marin