Birthday Gift Ideas for a 25-Year-Old Woman

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Selecting a gift for a woman turning 25 years old is easy once you have established her hobbies and interests. Skip the generic flowers, chocolates or perfume in favor of a gift tailored to her personality. From fitness fanatics to gadget lovers, there are a host of options available to show how much you care, whatever her tastes.


Fitness Fanatic

If she regularly works out or spends more time at the gym than at home, choose a gift that will assist her with her fitness regime. Select an armband to keep her iPod in place when she is training or new fitness apparel as a practical gift that she will appreciate. Alternatively, purchase a gift certificate for a nearby healthy juice bar that she can use to grab a beverage between gym visits. If she prefers to work out at home, a new fitness DVD, yoga mat or digital pedometer may be more appropriate.


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Pamper Princess

For a woman who loves to try out the latest beauty products or take good care of her personal appearance, select a gift that will allow her to indulge in a little pampering. Cosmetics, bath products or skincare products can all be added to a gift basket, alongside candles and wine as a personal birthday treat. In addition, purchase a day pass for a local spa or a gift certificate for a beauty treatment and include it in her greeting card.


Career Woman

A 25-year-old woman may have already left college and be starting out a career in her chosen profession. A sleek leather diary, large work purse or silver pen set are practical items that she can use in her busy working life. Personalize your gift by having it engraved or writing key dates in her diary. If she travels overseas with work, consider a leather passport cover, luggage tags or hand luggage instead.


Gadget Queen

For women who enjoy owning the latest gadgets, there are lots of items to choose from. If she struggles to get out of bed in the morning for work, purchase an alarm clock with wheels that will roll off her bedside table. If she is never seen without a book in her hand, then an e-book reader such as a Sony Reader, a Pandigital Novel or an Ectaco jetBook will save her the hassle of carrying lots of books around in her purse. Include a gift certificate for a large bookstore so that she can select a novel or two to download to her device.


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