Birthday Gifts for Sisters Turning 60

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Thoughtful gifts show your sister that you care.

It can be difficult purchasing a birthday gift for a sister turning 60 years old, especially when she means a lot to you. Some gifts help your sister improve her lifestyle, and some gifts are sentimental. Buy something that shows your love and affection for your sister.


Some 60-year-old women greatly appreciate a gift that helps improve their lifestyle. For instance, give your sister cash toward something specific, such as for bingo night with her friends. Or get a gift card so your sister can treat herself to a tasty restaurant meal. Or get a gift card to your sister's favorite retail store so she can buy a blouse that she covets. Alternatively, she may enjoy a few lottery tickets that have the potential to change her life.


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Creative Items

Get crafty with some photos to create a sentimental gift. For instance, use an online photo retailer to print a photo calendar. Include photos of you with your sister and the rest of your family. Also type up a note on days that are special occasions, such as the birthdays of family members. Alternatively have a quality silver frame engraved with your sister's name. Then put a photo of the two of you in the frame.


Support For Passions

Some gifts support the hobbies and passions of your sister. For instance sisters who enjoy cooking can appreciate cooking utensils, such as a stainless steel or nonstick omelet pan. Get some gardening gear, such as quality shovels and a few plants, for a sister who loves spending time working outdoors. Alternatively, your sister who is an artist should enjoy a few canvases of different sizes as well as some colorful paints.


Clothing And Accessories

Clothing is a thoughtful gift because out of all the people who know your sister's style you might know it the best. Some sisters grow up sharing clothes, and they get a keen sense for each other's style. Purchase an accessory that goes with your sister's style. For instance, a sister who has a classic style can appreciate a set of pearls as well as a pair of designer sunglasses. Or a sister who is eclectic can enjoy a bohemian scarf.



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