Birthday Cake Picture Ideas

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Take pictures of the cake after lighting the candles.

Birthday cakes, along with gifts, are the highlight of most birthdays. Being treated for turning another year old, especially when turning older isn't welcomed, is a sweet gift in itself. Take pictures of colorful birthday cakes at home or at a party, using different camera angles. Set your camera settings on fine for clear pictures of the birthday cake you can display in scrapbooks for others to enjoy.

Over the Top Picture

Capture the birthday cake with a view from above. Remove any items surrounding the cake on the table. Position a step stool in front or on the side of the cake table, depending on the cake's location. Carefully stand on the top step of the stool, over the cake, to frame the image of the cake on your camera's viewfinder. Reposition yourself if necessary. Frame the cake in the center of the shot to capture the layers of the cake from above, and snap the picture.

Candlelit Picture

Make the birthday cake glow with intimate lighting. Place eight to 10 candles on the birthday cake to create a natural illuminating effect. Place votive candles around the cake as well, if fewer candles are placed on the cake. Dim the lights in the room, and set your digital camera on "Candle" or "Night" mode. Instruct another person to light the candles one at a time. Position the camera at a 5 o'clock angle, in front of the cake, and take the picture.

Cake and Gifts Picture

Create a real party environment in a photo with a picture of the birthday cake and gifts. Clear the table of any items, and surround the cake with birthday gifts. Place gifts next to the cake, with the tallest gifts to the far right and left sides of the cake, and smaller gifts in the center, next to the cake. The birthday cake will be in the center of the shot. Stand directly in front of the cake, at eye level, and take the photo.

Contrasting Colors Picture

Make the birthday cake standout with a colorful background. Carefully remove the cake from the table and cover the table with a tablecloth that is of a contrasting color to that of the birthday cake. For example, if the cake is yellow, cover the table with a purple tablecloth. Set the cake back onto the table alone, without other items surround the cake. Stand slightly over the table to capture the top of the cake over the contrasting tablecloth, and snap the picture.