The Seven Deadly Sins Halloween Costume Ideas

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woman in costume for halloween

If you have a group of seven and you don't know what to be for Halloween, consider going as the seven deadly sins. The seven deadly sins make good last-minute Halloween costumes because you can find the costume parts at your local thrift store or inside your own closet. These seven deadly sins Halloween costume ideas are good for men and women.



red fishnets and black stileto heels
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For a lust costume, try wearing a skimpy red dress or sexy underwear. Be sure to go all out with makeup, especially some bright red lipstick. Stiletto heels and fishnet stockings complete the look. For guys, try a pair of bright red bikini briefs. A red feathered boa is a fun accessory that can cover your arms and shoulders if you feel uncomfortable or cold.



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You can wear regal purple clothing with golden accessories to represent pride. Try accenting your costume with a sash declaring you to be the best in the universe. Purchase medals from a craft store and wear them on your chest. You can top off a pride costume with a store bought crown or tiara. Bring a scepter or a plastic royal chalice that you can drink out of during the evening.



green monster mask
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Envy is known as the green-eyed monster, so be sure to incorporate the color green in your wardrobe. If you want to go all out, consider buying a pair of green costume contacts or wearing green glasses or shades. You can wear whatever green clothes you feel comfortable in. You can also get creative and go dressed as an actual green-eyed monster using a rubber mask.



candy necklaces
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You need food related accessories, such as a bib from a seafood restaurant, to make a gluttony costume. Look for clothing at the thrift store with pictures of food items, and then get them all messy with food stains. Look for food shaped jewelry, hats and other accessories at costume shops. You can also consider a food industry costume like a fast food worker, or wear a pig snout and tail.



wrathful vampire murderer
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Dress as your best impression of a serial killer. Be sure to pick out a plastic murder weapon and cover it with fake blood. Pick up a black ensemble from the thrift store and splatter it with fake blood. You can add red streaks to your hair or use makeup to add battle scars and fake tattoos. You can add accessories like spiked jewelry, chains and bloody gloves



woman in bathrobe
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Whoever decides to be sloth will have a comfortable night hanging out in pajamas. Pick out your favorite pair of pajama or sweat pants, sleep t-shirt and bathrobe. Look for a pair of bunny slippers at the thrift store. The best part about the sloth costume is you don't have to do your hair or put on any makeup. In fact, you should mess up your hair for that just got up look.



fake diamonds
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Look for some fancy clothing at the thrift store to create a greed costume. Women should look for faux fur shawls, fake diamond necklaces, and elbow length silk gloves for an elegant look. Men can dress up in a suit or tuxedo and wear a top hat, monocle or gold costume jewelry. Complete the costume with a fistful of fake toy money.


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