What to Eat When Working Outdoors in Heat?

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Working outside in the summer is exhausting, especially if the food you eat makes you feel sluggish.

Working outside during the heat of summer can make eating unpleasant. Certain foods tend to make people feel exhausted and sluggish when it's warm outside. Fueling up on proper foods can help the situation. Here are some foods to consider when working outside in the summer heat.


Salty Foods

Replenishing sodium lost through sweat is crucial when working outside in the heat.

Salty foods such as olives and pickles are a good way to obtain energy for those who are active during the warmer months. Athletes use salty foods for energy, so they are a proven way to beat the heat. Salt is made of sodium, which we lose while sweating in hot conditions. Eating salty foods helps us to replenish the sodium lost through sweat. Too much salty food can make you feel bloated, so eat these items in moderation.


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Water-Based Fruit and Veggies

Watermelon has a high water content to keep you hydrated and energized.

Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables that have a high water content. This will help you stay hydrated during the hotter days while you are working outside and sweating. Many fruits and vegetables such as watermelon and cucumbers have a high water content and will assist in keeping you hydrated and not feeling run down from eating "heavy" foods.


Summer Soups

Cold soup with vegetables helps to regulate body temperature and deliver vitamins to give you energy.

Summer soups differ from other soups, as they tend to be cool and assist in cooling down your body's temperature. Soups made from ingredients like celery or avocados do a great job at accomplishing this. Along with helping you cool down, vegetables used in these soups usually have high levels of vitamins to give you more energy in your work day.


Frozen Fruits and Smoothies

Smoothies and frozen fruits are a great way to cool down and obtain nutrition.

Frozen fruits and smoothies are a delicious way to obtain energy and satisfy a bit of a sweet tooth. Eating items similar to these will cool you down immediately, and the fruit and protein you can include when making a smoothie will give you the necessary energy for working outdoors in the heat.



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