Costume Ideas With Leather Pants for Halloween

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Leather pants can be used to make several different Halloween costumes.

If it's almost Halloween and all you have is a pair of leather pants, but no costume, don't worry. With leather pants, you can make several different costumes for both men and women. If you look through your closet, you might already have several of the things required to complete some costume ideas. If you do not, the props will not be hard to find.



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Use the leather pants to dress up as a biker. Both men and women can use this costume idea. Just pair up the pants with a leather jacket or a black T-shirt, a bandanna and boots. You can also add a jean jacket or a jean vest. Men can let their beards grow, and men and women can apply fake tattoos.

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Rock Star

Leather pants are favorites of rock stars. You can pair them with a fitted T-shirt or a tank top. To add more flair, pair the pants with a sequin-trimmed shirt. Guys can also just pair the pants with a leather vest or ripped T-shirt exposing your torso. If you want the classic rocker look, buy a long blond wig.


Selene From "Underworld"

Selene from the movie "Underworld" is also an easy costume to make. All you need are leather pants, a tight black long-sleeved turtleneck or a fitted leather jacket, a fake gun belt, fake guns, fangs and really red lips.



Leather pants can also be used to make a cat costume. All you need is a fitted black top, a clip-on tail, cat ears and makeup to draw a cat face. This costume is for both men and women.



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