John Deere 522 Loader Specs

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The John Deere 522 loader is a specialized attachment for John Deere tractors. It's designed to load, transport and dump materials like dirt or rocks. It can be purchased as an entire boom and bucket system or just a bucket, making it a flexible attachment system for agricultural and standard tractors alike.


Bucket Size

The bucket is 72 inches wide, 35.3 inches deep, and 27.6 inches tall with a digging depth of 5.4 inches. It can carry a maximum of 21.6 cubic feet of material and is categorized by Deere as a general purpose utility bucket.


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Quick Attachment System

The loader bucket is designed to attach and detach from the boom without tools, in a matter of minutes, using a set of pins. These pins allows the operator to switch between different boom attachments with ease.


Boom Specs

The boom is powered by the tractor's hydraulic system, maneuvered with single joystick, is rated to lift up to 2700 pounds and can raise loads to 122 inches.

522 Loader Options

The loader boom can receive a wide range of attachments beyond the standard utility bucket. It receives foundry, construction, rock and toothed buckets. It's also compatible with fork lift tongs and the John Deere snow plow attachment.



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