Christmas Gag Gift Games

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Gag gift games can be played among friends, co-workers or with the family on Christmas morning.

Gag gift games are a fun activity to play with family, friends, at the office or with a class of students. It's a fun way to get a large group involved with Christmas gift giving, without big expenses or pretensions. The games keep the mood light, and puts everyone in fits of giggles. Just set out a few guidelines to keep gifts appropriate (especially when playing with kids or at the office) and within a price range.


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Gag Gift Grab

All of the wrapped gifts (one per person) go into a pile. Next, players draw numbers from a hat. The player who draws No. 1 starts the game by choosing and unwrapping a present. The player who draws No. 2 can do the same, or he can choose to steal the gift from the first player. As the game progresses, there are more chances to steal the already-opened gifts. The game ends when the last gift has been unwrapped.


Dirty Dice Christmas Gift Grab

For the Dirty Dice Game, each participant brings a gift so that there is a gift for everyone. A pair of dice are passed around a circle. Each player who rolls a double during her turn gets to choose a gift but cannot open it. Once everyone has one gift, the game gets dirty. A timer is set for 15 minutes, and the dice continue to be passed around. This time every person who rolls a double gets to steal another player's gift.


The game ends when the 15 minutes run out. For a variation in which each player is left with a gift, everyone opens his gift before the 15 minutes starts. Once the countdown begins players swap gifts instead of stealing them, cleaning up the dirty dice game.

Trivia Gift Game

Everyone gathers around the pile of gag gifts (there should be one gift per player) and instead of drawing numbers, the host or person playing Santa Claus asks a series of Christmas-related trivia.


Players should have a way to ring or buzz in their answer; raising hands works too. Each player who gets a question right can choose a new gift or steal one from another player. If a player has a gift stolen from her, she has to get another trivia question right to earn a new gift.

Pass the Gag Gift

Everyone brings a gag gift to the game and holds on to it as they join in a circle with the other players. One person, who will not be participating in the gift exchange, takes the lead and announces that he is about to read a story to the group.


Before the game, the narrator will have chosen two recurring words from the story. Every time the first word comes up during the reading, everyone passes her gift to the right. Every time the second word comes up, everyone passes her gift to the left. The game can get pretty exciting, confusing and silly if the two words are common throughout the story. Each player should have one gift at the end.


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