Super A Farmall Tractor Specifications

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The Farmall Super A tractor was produced by International Harvester between 1947 and 1954. The Super A models were general-purpose, durable tractors built for strength and versatility, making them well suited for small farming tasks. The Super As had the same engine as the earlier Farmall models F-12 and F-13, yet the Super A engine was positioned to the left of the operator's seat. Approximately 107,000 Farmall Super A models were produced, and they've become a collectors' item for farming enthusiasts.


Dimensions and Capacities

The Farmall Super A had a standard length of 106.8 inches, a width of 55.8 inches and a height 64.25 inches. It had a minimum turning radius of 17 feet, a crop clearance of 20 7/8 inches and a wheelbase -- axle to axle -- of 71.1 inches. The front tires were 5 inches wide with a 15-inch diameter, and the rear tires were 12 inches wide and 24 inches in diameter. The Super A weighed 2,400 lbs. and had an 11-gallon fuel tank capacity.


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The Farmall Super A had an International Harvester classified C113 engine. The Super A engine was gasoline-powered and had four cylinders, a displacement of 113 inches and a compression ratio of 6-to-1. This tractor had a bore and stroke of 3 inches by 4 inches, and the spark plug firing order was 1-3-4-2. The C113 was rated at 1,400 rpm and included a liquid cooling system that used water.



The Farmall Super A had a two-wheel drive sliding-gear transmission. It had four forward gears ratios and one reverse. The Super A had a speed range from 2.3 mph in the first gear to 3.6 mph in second gear and 4.8 mph in third. Its top forward speed was 10 mph in fourth gear, and 2.8 mph in reverse.


Additional Features

The Farmall Super A tractors had a "Touch-Control" hydraulics system that enabled operators to raise and lower the rear hitch easily with a single lever. This tractor had an adjustable front axle, 4-ply rated rubber tires and a power take-off system that provided 540 rpm. The Super A also featured a universal mounting frame to fit front-mounted implements, and a reversible drawbar for rear-mounted or pull-type implements. Farmall Super A tractors were manufactured in Louisville, Kentucky and Chicago, Illinois, and cost $1,400 in 1954.



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