Easy Fleece Hats to Make

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Cut the sleeve off of an old fleece sweatshirt to make an easy, no-sew fleece hat.

Winter can be much more easily endured with a warm hat. Fleece is not only a warm fabric, but is also very soft and cozy. Fortunately, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money purchasing a fleece hat. There are a number of easy fleece hats that can be made in a matter of minutes.


No Sew

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Remove a sleeve from an old fleece sweatshirt. To decide where to cut the sleeve, measure the circumference of your head. Divide this measurement in half. Lay the sleeve flat on a table and find the location on the sleeve where the width of the sleeve is equal to this measurement. Mark this location with a pin. From this pin, measure 3 inches in the direction of the arm hole. Cut the sleeve off of the sweatshirt at this point. Cut off the elastic cuff and make 6 inch slits along the cuff end. Tie the slit pieces together arbitrarily, tying one fleece slit piece to another fleece slit piece and repeating this process until they are all tied. Turn over the fabric of the other end twice to form a brim.

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Low Sew One Seam

Purchase fleece from a store. Measure the circumference of your head where you want the hat to sit. Add 1/4 inch to this measurement. Use this measurement as the length of your fabric. Cut the piece of fleece to form a rectangle, using 16 inches as the width. Fold the fabric in half, bringing the short ends together. Sew the short ends together using a 1/4 inch seam allowance, but do not sew the last 4 inches of the fabric at the top edge. Cut 4 inch slits along the top edge to form fringe. Turn the hat right side out and tie the fringe together with a spare piece of fleece or decorative ribbon. Fold the bottom edge up twice to create a brim.


Low Sew Two Seams

Measure the circumference of your head where you want the hat to sit. Cut out a rectangular piece of fleece, using the circumference of your head plus 1/2 inch as the width of your fabric and a length of 14 inches. Fold the fabric in half, bringing the long ends together. Using a 1/4 inch seam allowance for all seams. Sew the long ends together. This is your first seam. Sew one of the short ends together; this is your second seam. Turn the fabric right side out and fold the open end up as many times as desired to form a brim.



Purchase a hat pattern. Various simple fleece hat patterns can be found in your local fabric store. Pin the pattern pieces to the fleece. Cut the fleece along the edges of the pattern. Remove the pattern pieces from the fleece. Sew the pieces of fleece together. Every hat pattern is different. Thus, read the specific instructions on the pattern to determine how to sew the pieces of fleece together.



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