Sleepover Ideas for 12 Year Old Girls

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Nail polish is an important part of a 12 year old girls sleepover party.
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At age 12, girls are just beginning to bridge the gap between little girl and young woman. The girls are young enough to enjoy staying in one place all night, but old enough to entertain themselves with slumber party games under some parental supervision. Plan a sleepover with your 12-year-old to make the event enjoyable for her and her friends, and approved by you.


Theme Ideas for 12 Year Old Girl's Party

One of the best sleepover ideas for 12 year old girls is to choose a theme for the event. The theme should be something that the hosting girl likes, such as watching a marathon of her favorite movies, a makeover session for the girls, or a food-related theme where the girls make their own pizza, sundaes or other fun foods. The girls could also choose a more abstract theme, such as a color, TV show or time period.


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Fun Slumber Party Games

To avoid endless games of "truth or dare" and to keep the girls from prank calling friends and classmates in the middle of the night, provide them with several fun sleepover games to play. Twister is a n old classic game, but it still holds untold appeal for 12-year-old girls. Play Nail Polish Spin, an alternative to Spin the Bottle. The girls take turns spinning bottles of different colored nail polish. Whoever the bottle points to gets one nail painted in that color. Continue the game until all nails are painted. Let them vote on whether to include toenails, or just their fingernails.


Beach Ball Questions is another fun game for the sleepover. Write a bunch of random questions all over a beach ball, such as, "What is your biggest fear," "Who is your favorite celebrity," "What you do want to be when you grow up," and other questions. Make some thoughtful, some silly and some challenging. The girls throw the ball back and forth to each other, and have to answer the question that their right thumb lands on.


Eating as a 12 Year Old Event

Most 12-year-old girls love to eat. Provide a variety of foods that the girls can eat as is, cook or simply warm up for themselves late in the night as well as snacks and one main meal. Pizza is an easy and favorite menu item for sleepovers, as are popcorn, fruits and other simple snacks. Allow the girls to build their own pizzas or dessert to transform mealtime into an activity as well. Provide healthy options, such as vegetables and fruit for girls with dietary restrictions and to supplement the junk food.


Sleepover Activities for Tween Girls

Girls can quickly become bored at sleepovers. To avoid boredom, provide plenty of activities for the girls. Girls can make jewelry, decorate canvases with acrylic paint, take pictures and make party scrapbooks, have a fashion show, fix makeup and hair, do spa treatments, sing karaoke, do a scavenger hunt or treasure hunt, and make T-shirts or pillowcases as party favors for the sleepover. Some girls may also enjoy a classic sleepover pillow fight as well.



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