Specs for a Poulan 14-Inch Chain Saw

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A Poulan 14-inch chain saw is one of the smaller gas chain saws that Poulan manufactures. This chain saw has specific sizes, measurements and parts, which are referred to as specifications, or specs. This information can be used when doing tune-ups, repairs and other maintenance to keep your Poulan chain saw running at top performance.


Engine System

The Poulan 14-inch chain saw has a two-stroke gas-powered engine. This single-piston engine uses an upstroke to pull fuel in and generate compression, followed by a downstroke to vent exhaust and power the crankcase. The piston moves inside the cylinder, generating a displacement of 33 cubic centimeters. This number indicates the level of torque that the engine will generate during operation.


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Ignition System

The ignition system, housed below the starter, begins with a module. Inside th module is a coil, which acts much like a capacitor, storing and firing the electrical charge needed for combustion. The flywheel spins around the crankshaft, generating magnetic energy. When sufficient magnetic energy is reached, the coil is tripped and fires off the charge. The gap between the flywheel and the module must be .025 to .03 inches. The spark plug ignites the fuel in the cylinder. A Poulan 14-inch chain saw uses a Champion RCJ7Y spark plug. This spark plug needs an electrode gap — the metal tip — of .025 inches. To remove the plug you'll need a 3/4-inch socket.


Drive System

The chain is powered by a clutch assembly, which rotates with the crankshaft. When enough outward pressure is generated, the force expands the clutch springs and shoes, pushing on the sprocket, which engages the chain. This is why your chain will only start spinning once it reaches above 3,500 rpm. The drive system uses a 3/8-inch clutch drum with attached sprocket. The bar is 14 inches, and the pitch of the chain is 3/8 of an inch.


Fuel System

The Poulan 14-inch chain saw uses a blend of pre-mixed gasoline and two-stroke oil to operate. This fuel needs to be mixed at a ratio of 40-to-1, gasoline to oil. For every gallon of gasoline, the mix will require 3.2 fluid oz. of two-stroke engine oil. Use only gasoline above 87 octane that has less than 10 percent additives, such as ethanol or alcohol. The two-stroke oil must be the same used in two-cycle air-cooled engines, not the oil used in two-cycle outboard boat engines.



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