Homelite Blower Bp250 Specifications

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Homelite, a brand sold by TTI, manufactures consumer power equipment like the BP250 backpack blower. A backpack blower helps you clean leaves and dirt from your lawn, walkways and driveways, and you can use this tool to gather this debris into a central location. While Homelite no longer produces this backpack blower, you can still find replacement parts for it from online third-party vendors.



The Homelite BP250 backpack blower comes with either a 25 cubic centimeter (cc) or 30 cc engine.These numbers refer to the engine displacement, which is the total volume that the pistons can move in a single push. Both of these engines are two-cycle, air-cooled engines with one cylinder. The blower uses a dual chamber soft tone muffler and a one-piece capacity discharge ignition. The engine produces up to 68 decibels of sound for the 25 cc engine and up to 70 decibels of sound for the 30 cc engine.


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The 25 cc engine model has a maximum velocity of 155 mph, and the 30 cc model has a maximum velocity of 170 mph. The maximum volume of the 30 cc engine model is 370 cubic feet per minute (cfm), and the maximum volume of the 25 cc engine model is 360 cfm. The engine's rpm range is between 2,800 rpm and 7,200 rpm.


Fuel System

The Homelite BP250 back pac blower has a foam air filter. It uses a mix of engine oil and gasoline (50:1 ratio) for fuel. The exact mix is 2.6 oz. of two-cycle engine oil per one gallon of gasoline. Only mix enough fuel for a 30-day period. This blower has a piston port induction intake piston and a diaphragm-type of carburetor with a primer bulb. It features a trigger throttle control, which helps you start your engine when it is cold.



If you don't plan to use your backpack blower for more than 30 days, remove the fuel from the fuel tank, and run the engine until it stops, to remove any lingering fuel. If you choose not to remove the fuel, add a fuel stabilizer to keep the fuel from deteriorating. Always look for any fuel leaks or loose parts before every usage. Only use original equipment manufacturer parts for replacement parts to ensure that your back pack blower works properly. Never store the blower when the engine is hot. After refueling your tank, move at least 10 feet away from the refueling station before turning on the engine.


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