Specifications for the MF 231 Tractor

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Massey Ferguson Limited started in 1958, and it is now a brand sold by the AGCO company. Massey Ferguson produced the 231 tractor from 1989 to 1999 for farm and agricultural work. While the company no longer makes this tractor, you can still find replacement parts for it from third-party vendors.



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The Massey Ferguson 231 tractor weighs 4,065 lbs. It has a 12.7-gallon capacity fuel tank and a 9.2-gallon capacity hydraulic system fuel tank. The front tires measure 6 inches by 16 inches, and the rear tires are 13.6 inches by 28 inches. According to TractorData.com, this tractor originally sold for $13,000 during its last year of production (1999).

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This tractor has a Perkins, three-cylinder diesel engine. It uses liquid coolant, and the coolant tank holds up to 11.2 qt. of fluid. The engine displacement is 153 cubic inches, and the engine produces up to 38 horsepower.



The Massey Ferguson 231 tractor has a 4 by 2 two-wheel drive chassis. The rear tires are larger than the front tires to help you navigate over rough terrain. It has an open cab and a front grate. The tractor is red with white and black highlights.


Additional Information

The tractor came with one three-point hitch. It has a live rear power takeoff (PTO) system, which produces up to 540 rpm and up to 34 horsepower to help you move attachments. All attachments go on the back of this tractor. The 231 tractor features two reverse and eight forward gears, and it has an open hydraulics system. The serial numbers are located on the right-hand side of the instrument panel.


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