Easy Halloween Costume Ideas for Adults

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Make easy costumes for adults to wear to Halloween parties.

Adults enjoy dressing up for Halloween as much as kids do. However, purchasing adult costumes can quickly become expensive. Fortunately, you can make a costume from a few basic items of clothing found in your wardrobe or local thrift store. With a little imagination and a few accessories, you can create unique and easy adult Halloween costumes.


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Mother Nature

A Mother Nature costume requires only a flowing dress or skirt and blouse outfit with a vest as its foundation. Pin or glue silk flowers to the skirt and vest, and drape leaf garlands around your waist and neck. Add random leaves in a falling pattern. Cut a length of garland long enough to make a head wreath and attach a few flowers to it. Pin a small foam bird to your shoulder or wrap a garland around your wrist and glue the bird to the garland. Flowers, leaves and birds are available at craft stores.



A tourist costume works for both men and women. Men can wear wildly printed Hawaiian shirts, shorts, sandals with white socks, straw hats and sunglasses, while women can wear wildly printed dresses or blouses with pants, sun hats, sandals and sunglasses. Either sex should carry a big straw shopping bag. Stop by a travel agency to pick up a tourist bag, some maps and travel brochures. Hang a camera around your neck. Whomever carries the map should wear reading glasses hanging on a chain.



Dress up as Gulliver from "Gulliver's Travels" with a pair of brown shorts, a fancy white shirt, white knee-high socks and brown shoes. Make a buckle for the shoes from gold cardboard by cutting rectangular holes out of a rectangular piece of cardboard, and attaching them to your shoes. Purchase some toy figurines and attach them to different lengths of cord or string. Tie some around your arms, legs, torso and head, wrapping each body part a few times to make it look like the Lilliputians were trying to tie you down.


Car Air Freshener

Use dark green felt or other heavy fabric that does not fray to start this costume. Purchase a length long enough to cover you from the front of your thighs to their backs. Fold the fabric in half and cut it into two pieces in the shape of a simple Christmas tree. Stitch the sides together, leaving armholes open. Use construction paper to create a labels similar in design to that of a real car air freshener. Attach a length of white cord through the felt's top to represent the hanger.



A ladybug costume starts with a pair of black sweatpants, a black sweatshirt, a pair of black shoes and black socks. Cut an oval from red poster board. It should be big enough to cover your back. Paint large black spots randomly on the oval. Make shoulder straps to attach the oval to your back by creating two loops of black elastic, big enough to pull over the arms, and stapling them to either side of the oval. Glue two pom-poms to the end of black pipe cleaners wrapped onto a headband as antenna.