6 Person Group Costume Ideas

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Doctors and nurses make a good group costume for six people.

Costume parties give you the chance to be someone else and express your creative side. When groups of friends go to costume parties together they like to dress in group costumes because it adds a level of fun and camaraderie. However, coordinating a group costume can be hard work when working with a large group. Consider these costume ideas for groups containing six people.


TV Characters

TV shows with large casts make for good group costume ideas. If your group is made of three men and three women, your group can go as the Brady Bunch, the friends from Friends, the castaways from Gilligan's Island or the main characters from The Flintstones. Picking a show that has a main cast larger than six characters can make it easier for your group to coordinate as they offer flexibility. Consider shows with several background characters that look similar such as Star Trek or The Smurfs.


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Heroes and Villains

Superheroes and the villains they battle are good costumes for a group theme. Each member of your group can pick their favorite heroes or you can go together as a team such as the X-Men, Power Rangers or the Justice League. Super villains are a fun group theme as many superheroes, like Batman, have a large rogue's gallery to work with. Your group can even come up with your own homemade superheroes and design your own costumes.



The uniforms worn by professionals can make for a good group costume if you use your imaginations. By dressing in uniform your group can transform into a platoon of soldiers, a squadron of police officers or a team of firefighters. Mix up the roles to tell a story with your costumes, such as a team of doctors, nurses and a bandaged up patient or the President of the United States and a team of Secret Service agents.



Food makes a good group costume idea as many foods go together in different ways. Your group can go as the same thing, such as a bunch of bananas or a 6-pack of beer or soda cans. You can also go as different foods of the same type, such as different fruits or types of candy. If you really want to be creative, try to plan an entire meal such as a balanced breakfast or a Thanksgiving feast.


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