Joan Jett Costume Ideas (DIY Guide)

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Making your own Halloween costume is much more fun than buying one, especially if your costume is of an easily recognizable character, such as rocker Joan Jett. A DIY Joan Jett costume emulates some of her classic looks, featuring items such as a T-shirt or tank top, black leather pants or tights and assorted necklaces with a rock and roll vibe.


Unless you have a similar hair style and dark hair already, a Joan Jett wig is the perfect way to tie the look together for a Halloween costume party.

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Joan Jett costume clothing

The nice thing about a retro Joan Jett costume is that many of the items are straight up punk and rock and roll—in other words, simple pieces of clothing that are easy to come by.


There's a good chance you already have the perfect T-shirt, tank top or dark tights in your closet. Wear a retro rock and roll T-shirt featuring a favorite band, such as the Sex Pistols, or make it even more obvious with a Runaways T-shirt. If you don't have a punk-style T-shirt, a black or gray tank top also does the trick.


Jett's career spans many decades and, thus, many style eras that will influence your costume.

  • The Runaways​. If your look is Joan Jett from the Runaways era, pair the tee with jeans and a black leather belt. Joan was in this band as a teenager starting in 1975, and her clothing reflects the wide-legged jeans and tight-fitting T-shirts popular at the time. Her hair had short bangs and was longer than it was later in her career, but it still had a slight shag. The band broke up in 1979 and Joan went solo.
  • Solo & The Blackhearts.​ The solo and Blackhearts-era Joan Jett look is more punk rock or rock star style, often featuring a red or black leather jacket. By the time Joan started her own Blackheart Records in 1980, she had more of a punk hairstyle, shorter and shaggy, and a bit darker than it was during her Runaway years. She still maintains the look.


Both retro looks feature platform white or black boots for just a touch of glam styling. If you know how to sew or just happen to have one around from another costume, a red or black jumpsuit is another idea.

Rock star costume accents

A big part of a Joan Jett costume is the accessories that go along with it.


Everything screams punk rock or rock and roll, especially the belts and jewelry. Many of her looks feature a black leather belt with studs. Add a series of necklaces and one choker, such as a studded choker or a black tie-on one that could even be made from a shoelace. A wrist cuff or two elevate the look to an almost heavy metal status and the more studs, the better.



Joan Jett hair & makeup

No Joan Jett costume would be complete without her rock and roll hairstyle.

  • Joan Jett Wig​. If you purchase a Joan Jett wig, look for one with a bit of a shag, with short bangs and black hair that hugs the face a bit on the sides.
  • DIY Joan Jett Hair.​ If you're styling your own hair, work in a little hair gel to create a slightly messy style, making a few of the pieces stick out on top or on the sides depending on which Joan Jett era you're planning for the Halloween party.


Feel free to style the hair a bit even on a Joan Jett wig, as it's probably not quite right, especially if you purchased it online and it ships in a package.

Black eyeliner is the final touch for rounding out this Halloween costume idea. Apply the liner so it's thick and obvious from afar. Use black mascara for your eyelashes to accent the eyes even more. An optional light gray eye shadow creates a somewhat smoky rock and roll look sometimes favored by Joan Jett.



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