Christmas Party Games for Kids to Play at School

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Involve the entire classroom in a Christmas game and add to the festivity of your school's Christmas party. Team games work well in a classroom setting, as they teach the children cooperation and sportsmanship. Choose games that take advantage of supplies you already have on hand so minimal preparation is needed before the party.


Christmas Tree Race

Divide the students into teams of two or more students. One student is the tree. The tree stands straight with his arms out slightly to make the tree shape. At the signal to start, the other team members wrap the tree with green crepe streamers. The team then tapes paper ornaments and a star to the tree. The first team to finish their tree wins. You can also give out prizes for best-looking tree or funniest tree.


Candy Cane Pass

Give each student a full-size candy cane. Split the students up into teams of four to five children and stand them in a line. Give the first person in line a second candy cane. She holds her original cane upside down to form a hook and dangles the second cane from the hook of the first. Students pass the second candy cane from hook to hook down the line without using their hands. The first team to pass their cane down the entire line wins.


Stocking Stuffer Relay

Hang up a large stocking for each team on the wall. Line up each team several paces away from their stocking. Set a bowl of candy and a spoon on the floor in front of each team. At the starting signal, the first person in line picks up a piece of candy from the bowl using the spoon. She then carries the candy over to the stocking and drops it in. She must rush back to her team and give the spoon to the next person in line, who then repeats the process. Play a Christmas song during the relay. When the song is over, so is the relay. The team with the most candy in their stocking wins.


Scrambled Christmas Competition

Play a quieter game that allows students to remain at their desk. Scramble up the letters in Christmas words on a sheet of paper. Give a sheet to each team and set a time limit. The team that unscrambles the most words wins. Another option is to write out a Christmas phrase or song title for each team on an index card. Cut the card apart, separating the phrase and words into several pieces. Place the pieces in a bag and give a bag to each team. The first team to unscramble the phrase wins.