Crafts for Kids About God's Grace

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Crosses represent God's grace in taking our sin's punishment on Himself.

You appreciate the gift of grace in your life, but translating it into crafts for kids about God's grace can be difficult. Crafts that also serve as object lessons give kids a concrete illustration to grab onto so it will stick in their hearts. Have the kids make the craft at the beginning of your lesson and use the craft during the Bible story to hold their attention with active participation.


A Free Gift

Cover a small box with black and yellow construction paper or fold a paper box to resemble a treasure chest. Glue a pre-printed slip with a Bible verse about grace, such as Ephesians 2:8-9, to glue on the cover. Read a Bible story that illustrates grace, such as Jonah or Jesus' sacrifice. Explain that grace means not getting the punishment you deserve because of God's favor. When they hear about someone receiving God's grace, have them hold up their treasure box and say, "I accept God's free gift of grace." Fill the box with small candies, toys or chocolate gold coins. Discuss how when we come to God empty, by His grace, He fills us up.


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Paper Chains

Discuss how sin binds us and keeps us from experiencing a relationship with God. Provide paper strips and tape to make eight- or 10-link paper chains. Help each child fasten the two end loops around her wrists like handcuffs. Read a Bible story about someone trapped in sin, such as the woman caught in adultery or the demon-possessed man. Tell the kids to break out of their chains when they hear Jesus set the person free from his guilt and call out, "Thank you God for Your grace!"


Edible Prison Cells

The Church of the Nazarene suggests an edible craft illustration of God's grace. Pass out 10 marshmallows, 10 pretzel sticks and three grapes. Insert a pretzel stick in each marshmallow and arrange them to form a jail cell, placing two grape prisoners on the inside. Tell the story of Paul, Silas and the jailer (Acts 16:22-34), instructing the kids to break open the prison to free the prisoners when the earthquake comes. Celebrate the jailer's willingness to receive God's grace with a prayer and snack party.


Frog Pouch

Ron Berry's slogan FROGGIE--"Fully Rely On God's Grace In Everything" ties into many frog crafts as a take-home reminder of God's grace. DLTK-Bible's frog pouch craft allows kids to store Bible verses about grace or prayer requests asking for God's grace in their lives. Cut a paper plate in half, fit it to the underside of another paper plate and staple the edges. Paint the plates green and cut two 2-inch circles, two long legs and two short back feet out of green paper. Also cut out a long pink tongue. Glue or tape the short feet to the base of the pouch. Fold a small flap at one end of the long legs and tongue. Attach these parts on the inside of the pocket. Attach the circles at the top of the back plate and glue on large wiggly eyes. Write the FROGGIE slogan on the pouch in ink or glue on a preprinted slip to remind kids that they can always count on God's grace.


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