Present Ideas for a Boyfriend's Brother

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Spend a little time and get a gift he will love.

Shopping for presents can be tough, especially when the gift is for someone with whom you may not be close -- like your boyfriend's brother. To make the task easier, try asking your boyfriend a few questions about his brother's tastes and consider everything you already know about his personality. Arm yourself with information, consider all of your gift options and remember: it is often the thought and effort that count.


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Technology Gifts

While not all men are into techno-gadgets, many of them do love a new toy. Your boyfriend's brother is probably no exception. As technology progresses, techie toys and gifts become more unique and affordable, from multi-tasking watches to solar powered keyboards. When purchasing accessories for gadgets he owns, such as a wireless charging station or headphones, ask your boyfriend if the accessories will be compatible. If you are unable to find out, include a gift receipt.


Hobby-Themed Gifts

If your boyfriend's brother has a hobby, such as collecting train sets or playing the guitar, he might enjoy a gift that supports his leisure activity. This includes accessories, books or magazines and hobby-themed goods, such as mugs or t-shirts. For hobbies that take instruction, like golf, you may be able to give a gift certificate for lessons, either just for your boyfriend's brother or for both of them.


Food and Beverage Gifts

Gourmet foods and specialty beverages might not last a long time -- he could eat them as soon as he receives them -- but these presents often leave a happy memory. Food gift-of-the-month clubs are the gift that keep on giving, but the do-it-yourself enthusiast can create gourmet gifts to rival even the fanciest clubs. Visit your local gourmet food store, purchase a variety of cheese and sausage, fruit or spices, then place them into a gift basket. Consider any diet restrictions or allergies when making your selection.


Gift Cards

If all else fails, gift cards are available for all types of stores, both online and brick-and-mortar. By giving a gift card, you are ensuring that your boyfriend's brother will get exactly what he likes -- you will not have to guess about fit or color. Select a card for a store that is either online or found in the area where he lives, and if possible, select a card that does not deduct any fees for non-use.


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